Since I began couponing, I’ve had the opportunity to try so many new products that I would never have tried before.  It’s been amazing!  I used to think that new products on the market were always overpriced because they were, well, new.  Now I know the opposite is true; companies like to promote their new products and encourage people to buy them by offering coupons.  I have even received coupons to try new things completely FREE!  I get asked a lot whether or not I actually USE the products I get from couponing, and if I’m like those people on Extreme Couponing that just buy up everything under the sun, covering their homes in the massive stockpile they’ve accumulated.  The answer is, yes!  I absolutely use the products I buy.  All of them.  If it’s something I know my family will NOT use, I save our money for the next great deal.  After all, you aren’t saving money on something you won’t use.

This is where my idea to review these products came from.  I’m using so many new things, you should know what’s worth using and what’s worth passing.  Not everything that works for my family will work for yours, since we are not gingerbread people and are all unique.  I hope that these reviews help you weed through the enormous amount of products out there, and you find things that work for your family and that you love!

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