Woke up this morning to my youngest screaming and crying…Alaina came upstairs to let me know that Julianna’s lip is bleeding. Super-fucking-duper. Laina threw a ball at her face and busted her lip open…all before 8 AM. Really? REALLY? Ugh.

All I want is to go back to bed. I woke up feeling queasy and disgusting and I’ve made it through toast, but still feel 85% yuck. My toast was pretty delicious, however, because it had homemade strawberry-raspberry jam on it. Yum! I’m thinking of having more, because it was that yummy. Also, I would super appreciate it if my stomach quit being such a super douche and allowed me to live my life. Right now I’m afraid that doing very much would result in a inglorious upchuck of toast and jam. Which I choose to avoid at all costs, thankyouverymuch.

In other more interesting news, Andrew went back to work this month. Yay! It’s been a little stressful for me, mostly because I miss him, but also because I’m pretty worried he’s not 100% better and being back may land him with an additional back surgery and even more time off. He’s supposed to get moved to another department, where he will be doing less physically intensive work…and man that would be a relief to me. He’s worried it’s going to be too boring and monotonous, but he’s only 25, and his body does not appreciate the intense physical labor (obviously). I just want him to be healthy and happy, and knowing I mostly have no control over that gets to me at times.

Joyous things: my best friend is pregnant! And it’s a little girl! And OMG, it’s so much fun to get to look at baby things and plan a baby shower and watch her belly grow. I love it! I may have a baby obsession…just maybe. She’s almost 17 weeks along. It’s just all so exciting! She’s wanted this for quite some time, and it’s just so gratifying to see the people I love have good things happen to them. Now, if only she can find a house she loves and buy it! I feel for her, having to do the baby thing and the house thing at once. Buying a house was SO stressful for me, I wouldn’t wish that on any pregnant lady.

Off to make myself more toast and lay down while the girls nap. Hopefully to get my stomach to chill out!