It’s been approximately two billion years since I posted a blog here.  Anywhere.  I love writing and I miss it and I’m a big idiot.  Because…duh, I could have been writing this whole time.  Recounting my intensely interesting life to the Internets at large for widespread commiseration and/or mockery.  I have been MISSING OUT, yo.

I want to say not much has changed, but of course it has!  It’s been forever!  We bought a house, bought a car, Curtis passed away, we got two new kitties, Andrew had back surgery and has been home for the last seven months, Alaina is starting kindergarten this year…and tons more that I can’t even begin to remember.  Life is a blur these days!  That’s one thing that has definitely changed, though.  My view of life and morality.  I have come to realize that one day my grandparents will be gone, then my parents, and then one day, I’ll leave my girls behind.  Which is shocking.  In a completely ridiculous way.  It’s not as if someone just let me in on some big secret, because, hello!  We all die.  Circle of life.  Remember when Simba’s dad died?  SHIT HAPPENS, MAN.  That doesn’t really soften the blow that my days with my family are horrifically numbered.  Just thinking about that makes my head hurt.  So I try to be blissfully unaware.  Which probably means I run around looking like a wacko trying to be HAPPY for the sake of being HAPPY because one day, this endless string of tomorrows is going to cease, my punch card will be filled with holes, and it’ll be time for the big dirt nap.


I promise I haven’t gone completely batshit insane.  Probably.  Maybe.  Stay tuned.

Anyway, the theme around here lately has been BASK IN THE GLOW OF FINALLY-ARRIVED SUMMER.  (Bitch, you are late.  SO late.)  I live in California for the weather.  No one gets excited over the high price of everydamnthing or the fantabulous traffic and smog and constant tax and fee rape.  It’s the weather!  The beaches!  Wish they all could be California giiiirls!  The weather this year has been as random as teenage girl with PMS.  Sun!  Hail!  Thunder!  Sun!  The rapture is coming!  RAINSUNRAINSUNRAINRAINSUUUUUN!  This made me have a migraine for the duration of Spring.  Spring and I weren’t friends before, (thanks to allergies & asthma) and now I have a restraining order.  Plus, now my girls can wear all their adorable summer shorts and dresses and tank tops, instead of their ill-fitting winter wardrobe that I have been trying to stash in boxes for months now.  Lately it’s been all bathing suits and flip-flops and sheer summer BLISS around here.  Thank GOD.

Hmm what else…oh yes.  I’ve turned into a coupon fiend.  A madwoman!  Muahahahahaaa!  Ahem.  Okay, not a total nutso.  Close enough, though.  With Andrew off of work, we’ve had to restructure our entire budget and we’re struggling a ridiculous amount to just be able to pay for the basics.  I’ve been at it for about a month, and so far have cut our groceries/toiletries budgets in HALF.  All because of coupons.  It’s amazing!  I feel like a lot fewer people would be hurting so badly if they understood that their Sunday newspaper had a section of free money in it.  Or that you can print free money right off the internet that’s totally legit.  I love it!  It’s a lot of work, a lot of trial and error, but mostly, it’s very rewarding to be able to know that I can pay my bills and feed my kids.  Learning that not all activities have to cost an arm and a leg and two chickens and your first-born.  We’ve been to a museum, a zoo, the movies, and rented a TON of movies in the last month, all for free.  It makes me so happy to feel like I can afford to give my kids all these great experiences and it doesn’t have to take away from anything else.  I’m sure I’ll be talking more and more and MORE about couponing and all the great deals I have gotten as time goes on!

Guess what?  It’s garbage day around these parts.  Well, technically tomorrow is garbage day, but we’re going to the movies (for FREE) bright and early.  Right now, Andrew is bear-hugging the ottoman in his sleep, and the garbage is his thing.  What I’m trying to say is, I have to go poke a sleeping bear.  I may or may not be mauled.  Either way, I gotta go.

Goodnight, internet peoples.  I has missed you muchly.