I’m feeling a whole lot better lately since I only have two doses left of my high-priced Keflex and my girly parts are no longer in constant agony. My IUD and I are getting along better these days, less pain and cramping all the time and more no-fuss birth control, which, SCORE. I wouldn’t mind being knocked up again, but oh man would Andrew be one unhappy camper. This way, when we have our next baby it will have been a (mostly) mutual decision and he can be happy too (or at least pretend).

My mom is over visiting for a while, which is nice. The days go by a lot faster with someone to talk to besides myself and a toddler who mostly asks questions and a baby who still only gurgles. Today’s agenda was grocery shopping, most of which I still haven’t put away because my pantry needs to be re-organized (yes, I organize my pantry) and cleaned, and I just don’t feel energized enough for that tonight. Especially when I know tomorrow’s agenda includes hauling ass to get ready for Julianna’s 6-month well-check at 9:45 in the morning.

On that note, when did my little precious newborn get so big? Big enough to be learning to crawl? I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I really feel like I was JUST pregnant with her a few weeks ago, and already she’s almost through her first year of life. In a way I feel robbed, because I honestly cannot fathom where the last six months have slipped away to.

More tomorrow… pictures, Julianna’s six-month stats, etc. Now to go clean my pantry. Maybe.