So it turns out I totally DO have a UTI, go me and my bacterial self! I have been prescribed Keflex, an antibiotic that apparently there is no generic form of, and it cost me $35 even with my insurance. That kind of pissed me off, seeing as I’ve never paid more that $5 for a bottle of pills EVER. I talked with the pharmacist, and apparently, Keflex is “safe” for breastfeeding. By safe, they mean it won’t kill my baby, it just might give her some good old fashioned thrush, maybe some diarrhea. As an added bonus, maybe I’ll get a yeast infection. Party in my pants, everyone. Because my life? Is fabulous and you want to be me so badly right now you can hardly contain yourself.

Indication that you are too drugged to be typing a blog: you just spelled ‘diarrhea’ no less than eleven times before deciding that the ‘h’ goes near the end there, and if it doesn’t, it can screw itself. Also, you just invited the entire internet to a party in your pants. Where are your manners tonight?

Anyway, to go with my perpetual IUD-induced uterine bleeding, I now have bladder bleeding, and to go with that I have a smashing migrane headache. I dug out the drugs my OB/GYN prescribed me when Julianna was born, determined to at least feel a bit less craptastic. One was Motrin, one was Vicoden. I took the Motrin and it didn’t do BEANS for my headache, let alone anything else. So I decided, you know what? I’m tired, I’m hurty all over, and I just want to sleep… nice, drug induced sleep. I took a Vicoden with my antibiotic and instead of going to sleep, here I am. Blathering on like an idiot because for one, I wanted some cranberry juice and on the way I found the computer, and two, I may or may not be dreaming right now. I guess if this post is here in the morning, I’ll know for sure. Goodnight, sleep tight, so on and so forth.