I love my family, I really do. Lately though, I get the feeling that if I don’t get some breathing room, this will all end unhappily. And you may hear about it on the news. Is it fair that men don’t really have the same responsibilities as women when it comes to raising kids? I’m sure some do, some lucky girls who found Mr. Mom and who is as giving as can be. My husband thinks that he worked all week, so he has earned two days off to do whatever he wants (aka, fishing). I disagree. I get NO days off, EVER. I want to SLEEP IN, dammit. Do something BY MYSELF. Seriously, you know it’s bad when you go to your annual pap smear appointment and actually enjoy it, because for one beautiful hour, you weren’t mom, you weren’t wife, you were just YOU.

Okay, enough bitching and talking in the third person. I just have my plate piled high from the shit buffet right now. Andrew got into a car accident (everyone is fine) and now we’re dealing with the insurance garbage about that. A good friend of mine recently had a baby who passed away a short 13
days after being born. Another friend of mine has something wrong with her, it’s pretty serious but we don’t know what it actually IS yet. I got one of those Mirena IUC deals installed in my poor, unsuspecting uterus, who is 100% pissed off, making me crampy and bloaty and gross. Bills. Kids. Husband. Anniversary in one week and completely unprepared. And Hallmark. FUCKING Hallmark. They have their stupid Christmas ornaments out. Already. Since July. JULY. Don’t they know that this makes me psychotic and neurotic and… crazy?! I can’t even really handle that Halloween is bearing down on me, much less effing Christmas. The universe can just go ahead and stop crapping on my life now. Really. Anytime now.


And to make this not a completely horrible post, how about some pictures of my way cute children?

Sunday at the Park
Julianna, being adorable a giggly and sweet. Seriously, it’s a good thing I had a (mostly) happy baby. Because otherwise? My head may have exploded. For reals.

Sunday at the Park
And here’s my little monster, being a little monster on the swings at the park. This girl has so much attitude, I just… agh! Mom, all your curses were not in vain. I have a child at LEAST as patience trying as I was.