I’m 26 weeks pregnant, and so far I have done the following ridiculous, completely brain-dead things:

  • Not been able to understand plain English when my OB was explaining… something to me at my last prenatal appointment.
  • Forgot my own middle name after previously mentioned appointment when the (somewhat snarky) receptionist was calling in a prescription for me.
  • Left to go Christmas/grocery/whatever shopping and returned home to find both my front door and my screen door wiiiiiide open, and not because I happened to return while someone was robbing my house.
  • Left my bank card in an ATM. I have cash now, no more need for plastic! Dum de dum…

Those are the main things so far. I don’t know how I’m going to make it these next few months without forgetting who I am, where I live, or to take Alaina out of the shopping cart at the store BEFORE I drive away, wondering why she is being so quiet.