Alaina and I spent most of yesterday hiding under the covers of my bed, reading books and watching TV and hoping that Mommy wouldn’t have to throw up again. I didn’t, and even managed to eat macaroni and cheese last night (what I’m going to consider a solid) without engaging my upchuck reflex. Go me!

I also started to clean my room, but when I tried to vacuum, the vacuum up and died. I have no idea what even happened — it started making an awful noise so I turned it off, and then a bunch of dirt and a couple of screws fell out of it. I am. So confused. For two reasons: first of all, I was vacuuming cracker crumbs from my beloved little one smooshing graham crackers into my carpet, not big chunks of black dirt. Secondly, I definitely was not vacuuming up copious amounts of screws. Which brings me to my conclusion: the vacuum is in serious trouble when it starts spitting out screws in an attempt to die. I asked Andrew to fix it last night, to which he replied that he would “Have a look at it”. And then of course, he didn’t. So now, I want a new vacuum for Christmas. Really, how sad and domesticated is that? Though I would give my right arm to have a good vacuum that I can use on the wood floors downstairs. My vacuum just kind of sends cheerios and little bits of whatever spinning wildly around the room, AWAY from the vacuum. Niiiiice. I have one of those Swiffervac thingamabobs, but you have to charge it, and then it dies partway through the downstairs. Or at least loses most of it’s power. I find that if I leave it plugged in all the time, it lasts longer. I can’t plug it in while it’s in the closet though, and if it’s not in the closet, I run the risk that Alaina will unplug it and I won’t know until I try to use the thing, and it laughs in my face. I need a REAL vacuum.

Today I need to get down to the post office to send some birthday gifts and Christmas cards, and well… we’ll see. I’ve been in a funk lately. Maybe a nice, long, toddler-free shower will help shake off the funk, maybe not. At the very least, my hair will smell nice.